An updated edition of the controversial memoir, Eating With Your Anorexic, by award-winning activist Laura Collins. New foreword, updates, and reflections by the author on a decade of advocacy in the eating disorder world.

“Laugh out loud funny, witty, and touching. This book will pull at the heart strings and the funny bone!”

Jenni Schaefer, author of Life Without Ed and Goodbye Ed, Hello Me

"Defeating anorexia nervosa is like climbing a sand hill: you can't rest until you get to the top or you will slide right back down again. Collins's book will inspire you on the climb and . . . increase the likelihood you will reach the top."

James Lock, M.D., Ph.D., Stanford University School of Medicine, and Director of the Eating Disorders Program at Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford

“At once tender and gruesomely honest”

Cleveland Plain Dealer

“If I could have only one book to help guide me to recovery, this would be the book. Very clearly written, easy to read, and not too much emotion to make me is honest and trustworthy. A true gem. Thank you Laura Collins.”

Karen, Amazon Reviews

"... insightful and encouraging."

Library Journal

“Family, food and love are the best medicine when recovering from an eating disorder. This book makes a life-saving meal of all three.”

June Alexander, international speaker and author of My Kid Is Back

“…she sounds like she has some serious control issues."

Book Mom, Amazon Reviews